Tuesday, 22 April 2014


A few quiet days after all the hard work and excitement. Met my cousin Justine and Brandon for lunch at the Tudor pub at Slimbridge. Lovely to see them. The pub is always busy but my meal was dire. Should have gone for pie and chips! Had to treat myself to bacon and egg sarnie later to recover.

Having arrived with the intention of staying for 2 weeks ...... you are probably ahead of me already ... We've decided to have a couple of days relaxation and then move on. Much discussion about which route. Almost too much choice. The River Avon is a favourite but we've been stuck on her before. We haven't tried either Worcester and Birmingham or Droitwich canals so they were  the main contenders. I saw the phrase 'narrow canal' and this appealed to me. With only 14 narrow locks all of last year (well 28 as we did them twice) I liked the sound of it. Even with 34 of them in 4 miles - or something like that. Then at the next junction we thought go via Birmingham and Fazely and back towards Northampton but .... that puts an extra week on our trip to the Fens. Current thinking is the Hattton Flight.  I was looking at the pics of Denver Sluice yesterday and ............

Today we are off to the pub in lovely Frampton on Severn to make up for yesterday.

Meanwhile a snapshot of the delights of the G&S.