Friday, 25 April 2014

Please don't hold your breath!!,

We left Gloucester docks at 1000 yesterday morning. The plan, such as it was, to press on as long as LJ was comfortable. It's a tricky trip stop wise to Worcester. Before you turn at Tewksbury it's too early to stop. On the Severn side of Tewksbury the moorings aren't suitable for LJ - the boat is low at the jetty and it's a climb up the ladder to get ashore. We've yetmtomdevisem way of,getting 42 kilo of labradoodle off at those moorings!

That leaves Upton on Severn.

Anyone familiar with the River Severn might already have guessed where we moored. Worcester. The VMs in Upton only take four narrowboats. The term VM is very loosely applied. We had been warned in Gloucester that 3 boats were in 'residence' and had been for some time. One of them boasting,that they had been there for some weeks and had no intention of moving before the end of May. The one 'spare' spot was taken.  It does make a long day. 7 hours.  And the last 2 hours+ from Upton is a slog. We did have good weather though.

Those who know our history of NEVER getting on at Upton ... I hope the breath bating did not cause any problems.

We did have a fly past from the light blues which is always welcome.

Upton looks such a lovely spot ....

But as expected, not for us! 

Truth to tell, the Severn can be a bit dull

So you take a pic of almost anything

This is worth it though ...  Working barge

Worcester almost in our sights

And finally 

LJ had been so good  we decided to go down and moor near the racecourse which we know from precious visits is fab for walking him. This was what greeted us! He,loathes not air balloons. They absolutely terrify him - though I now know just how high they have to get before they have an impact!

Which is higher than this!