Wednesday, 30 April 2014

It's Now Or Never

Down the Hatton then 2 more locks, a trip to Tesco and through Leamington Spa. Just when we were thinking of stopping by the country park, NB NOW OR NEVER
came along behind us, planning on going up to........  wherever they got to by dark. Madness  to go but madness not to take the opportunity to share the locks/work.  You'll notice I said 'thinking' of stopping.

We are feeling a bit of spring fever. Cooped up far far too long over the winter. Northampton by the weekend so we can get straight onto the Nene when I get back on Tuesday ...well it just sounds right somehow. So off we went and most excellent lock buddies they were. Even provided tea! The day ended after Stockton Top Lock .... I'll do the maths tomorrow. I can say it was long!

Starting the day with a walk for LJ until QISMA caught us up

 Hatton top Lock in,the distance. I thought a wide beam going down. Heart sank. But it was a work boat who moved over for us.

No Howard equivalent on Hatton .. Or if there was he was already taken. As always, we got into our

 We did get a bit of help from the workforce on the locks they were working on.

Someone asked me how many we had to do ... But in all honesty, I prefer not to know all the Hatton locks leak so you have to wind them whatever. May just as well get in with the getting on.

 And this unexpected boater in the last lock at Hatton

How cute is this 

Sharing locks with NB Now or Never

And the sun starting to sink