Sunday, 23 June 2013

A big lot of About

I would say today had been very quiet but with gusts of wind up to 34 knots quiet wasn't quite it. We've stayed put. Been reading and listening to the radio. LJ has been walked round and round the small space available and had several games of sticks to make up for the lack of a walk.

Not everyone as sensible. These three girls, young teens, in some difficulty. The 'responsible adult' with them in a rowing boat powerless to help.  They managed to get to the channel on the other side of island and hopefully they will be ale to get ashore on the far bank of the river. Anything else would be madness. 

I've been reading Alan Bennett's Writing Home. I always love reading about Miss Shepherd - for those not familiar with her - Miss Shepherd, a feisty individual, lived in a van in Camden. To start with parked outside his house but, when parking restrictions came in, the van was moved to his drive and she lived there until her death some 15 years later.  He also talks about his Mum who, as she aged, lost some vocabulary. She couldn't say what a view and expressed this by saying 'a big lot of About' which in itself is rather grand. 

So here's a bit of About from here