Monday, 17 June 2013

The boating equivalent of a pub with no beer

We are always amused by the almost military precision the geese achieve

I wonder if there is an alternative Muckhill for folk that aren't common?

Our lovely mooring in Ely

The view as we came towards the city

By the time we were on our way this morning - even  though it was early for us - we knew that three boats were ahead of us. Still we were hopeful we'd be lucky with a mooring in Ely, where everyone tells us moorings can be hard to find. Stopped for water and disposals and then tried to get fuel.  The marina had run out but we have a plan!!! We got the last mooring on the main section of moorings at 1145 so luck WAS with us. Traffic has been pretty steady all day and we've seen more boats today than we have since we left the Grand Union. 

What a lovely spot this is and such a nice city to wander in. The Cathedral is impressive from any angle and good walks for LJ. What more could you ask for?