Thursday, 27 June 2013

Blame my Mother in Law ........

When we set off on our life afloat Alistair's parents bought a laptop. All the better to follow our exploits. I started the blog for them and our friends. Little did I think that the blog would bring new friends to QISMA but it has been a delight to chat to boaters, potential boaters and non boaters and to share bits and pieces as we go along and to meet or at least shout hello when our paths cross.

Today we moved from Great Badford to Bedford. I can't help feeling just a bit sad because, although we still have months left of the 2013 cruise, tomorrow we will be on the return journey.

We had company for an hour or so on the mooring but now back in isolation. It is a bit noisy here - rowers out next to us and plenty of foot traffic. I hope the rowers don't start at 0600 I feel that it's unlikely their coaches will abide by the 0800 rule and even that would be too early for us.

We had two low bridges to contend with. Not everyone thought we would make it!  QISMA put in 'low bridge 'rig' but very quickly changed back for our arrival in Bedford and tonight's mooring.