Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sun and boating - the perfik combination

Worth the wait?   Well it would have been nice earlier but we finally got the perfik day. Wall to wall sunshine and a quietish river. What more could a boater want.

We also got chance to have a shout across to Hanser, but by the time I got the camera out Brian was well on his way.

I hadn't read his blog last night so as far as I knew he was on the Lark! Must keep up Jan. HANSAR sweeps past!


We've certainly had beautiful scenery through the day and not much traffic.  We had hoped to moor at Eacon Socon but Alistair walked up from the lock and the mooring was taken. We didn't want to go on and some plastic boat was prattling about at the lock so we reluctantly went onto the pub mooring - a last resort. 

I took LJ for his walk and as if by magic the mooring above the lock was free. HOORAH!

And it's now official we are in the market for a mooring on the  Great Ouse - we are in LURV!!