Friday, 28 June 2013

Island Mentality

Woke up, as I suspect did most people today, to rain. The light drizzle sort and the forecast 'called for' it to last most of the day. Question was, stay in Bedford centre on a Friday night or drag out the waterproofs? No contest. So, the winter boots I'd only put away yesterday made a return appearance and off we went.

LJ and I walked up to the lock. Delighted to see two boats heading down to the moorings. False hope. They'd closed the guillotine gate. It's not been the norm on the Great Ouse, the exit gate has, up to today, always been left open and so it was on all the other locks we passed through on  our trip  to tonight's mooring. No matter. Wet is wet.

The river is unbelievably quiet - sorry boaters. We haven't seen a boat on the move since the two at Bedford until this very moment when STEALAWAY crept by - but not past us.

We're now retracing our journey and I don't want to bore anyone with a repeat of  photos  used on the way up. As it happens, we saved some delights for the return trip.  This is probably the best mooring we've had this year and great, rain free, walking. On another island but this one we can get off!