Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ain't the NHS marvellous?

In London for a Curtis Stigers event for Radio 2 this evening. My friend Joan and I had lovely day planned. All went well on Serials 1-4 but just as we were finishing lunch Joan felt unwell and went outside onto veranda overlooking Covent Garden to get some air. Seconds later, looked round to find a small crowd had gathered and Joan had fainted. I rushed out and within a minute she'd gone again. She  looked dreadful. The staff at Brasserie Blanc were fantastic. Could not have been kinder. The paramedic was not only efficient but a really nice chap. Let her lay down until she was feeling a bit more in control. Got some fluids into her and called an ambulance. Off to St Thomas' Hospital. The second time I've made that trip in similar circumstances. Am I a jinx? Mind you several years in between. Fortunately, she is fine. Has a mild viral infection. Home to rest.

Most impressive things in all of this, the people looking after her all of them so professional - though this is not a surprise. The second, that her blood test results were back in 10 minutes - just like on telly. Who'd have believed it.

As for Mr Stigers. Next time.