Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shock horror!

Alistair tells me that posts with dramatic headings get more attention so I am just checking it out!  There is no shock or horror to report, not today anyway.

We moved on from Fotheringhay and our lovely mooring with our
own sheep.

They didn't seem to mine LJ and he didn't mind them so it all worked well

I spent at least 45 minutes early evening yesterday, watching a mole moving around under his molehill. We were so hopeful that he would emerge but it wasn't happening. I did get a taste of what life as a wildlife photographer might be like, though I don't suppose they have to worry about the oven chips burning!   I do have a photograph of the molehill but....

I think the path to our little dell is more appealing. 

The village is very pretty. The church is impressive 

And the churchyard has probably inspired poets

The pub looked very good but we'd have been shunted off to the Tap Room so we are fortunate it was too soon after the King's Head at Waddenhoe to tempt us in. Of course, the Tap Room may have been fine - who know?