Saturday, 15 June 2013

Back to Tranquility - but disturbed by CRT

Two and a half hours from Orpington to QISMA and a 1.6 mile cruise to an isolated 48 hr mooring just on the right of this pic which we've got to ourselves. Grand. 

Joan much improved today and planning to rest up over the weekend. There was almost a relapse after we got back last night when she saw the size of the piece of Comte cheese I served up to me and Andy but I had brought extra supplies from Borough Market!

Alistair spotted on the revised winter mooring plan on the Canal and Rivers Trust winter mooring website. I do feel cynical that they are Tweeting ever half hour with news of volunteers and projects and insect boxes and I'd think this deserved some publicity. You can find it on the web on Boaters Update but hey, if you haven't got the web or find Boater's Updates pretty boring - well it is possible - then how would you know! The main fault as far as I can see, is that if you haven't registered as a Continuous Cruiser with the Trust by 15 June - yes today, you won't be eligible to 'enjoy' the revised winter mooring package. No moorings at Visitor Moorings, reduced fees and can elect yourself where you're going to stay for five, three or one month. I can see how a house owner with property on the tow path is going to love having  a boat pitch up and stay for five months running engine and generator.  And what happens if you want to leave your boat somewhere fairly secure for a month? That option seems to have gone. What about the boater retiring next week and looking forward to life as a CC - keep moving guys or get back in the marina. Mmmmmm

The Trust MUST do better at how information is published. Information on what they know is an issue that will raise hackles HAS to be handled in a professional way. Where is the Q and A? Where is the explanation of the 15 June point? Are they trying to stop new Continuous Cruisers coming onto the system by the back door - as many of us suspect and resent. And at least those mooring won't face 50% of Visitor's moorings empty but only available to non existent permit holders. Oooo a bit of rant!

The biggest question of all is are they going to enforce it. What is going to happen to boats that position themselves, say at Woolhampton on K and A, then say it's not safe to move and just sit the winter out?

Sorry. Couldn't help it. I just got started and .......