Monday, 10 June 2013

and now for something completely different

Boating on the Middle Levels is certainly that. I know the flat scenery isn't for everyone but

there is something about the bleakness that I find appealing, 

We were booked at Marmont Priory Lock at 1200 and arrived at 1157. Good timing though .... we were distracted for a few minutes because LJ went off the back. He was being teased by swans and got over excited. Of course, we'd broken the house rule and he wasn't wearing his life jacket. The jacket is to help us hoik him back over the side! Sadly, I didn't dare run for the camera -  though I really  wanted to!  question: what sort of Mum am I?  It is fortunate he's such a strong swimmer and he  didn't want to come back on. His landing was less than dignified. Three of us soaked and he sulked for an hour or so. 

We complied - impossible not to the going is slow and we've had enough excitement for one day.

On through Upwell and Outwell spread along the banks giving a continental feel, to the journey. We stopped on moorings at Outwell Church just for a break. 

And then the last stretch, couple of traffic free hours, up to Salters Lode Lock, where we are booked to go down tomorrow morning at 1035. If we'd stayed in Outwell we'd have had to have been on our way at 0800 tomorrow and we know our limits!!

Some company from the RAF