Sunday, 9 June 2013

Peterborough is a dangerous place!

I've no idea about the crime rate but I can tell you Pererborough is a dangerous place I spent a fortune!!!  I did get some bargains though including a free pair of shoes for Alistair. How generous was it of me to donate the free pair in the 3 for 2 offer at Hotter to him!

We had a second quiet night on our mooring and our timing was perfik - we left just as the fair arrived to set up next to us.

There are so many moorings at Peterborough that we could easily have got away from the noise on long stretch down to the Dog and Doublet,

We think the moorings are all 48 hours. Didn't tell that to the chap and dog living on this combination

The boat behind us had a bit of hastle. They were due at the lock at 1030 but, despite the amount of space available, a boat had moored on the water point/pump out last night and by 0945 this morning there was still no sign of movement. The poor chap couldn't get The pumpmout hose on. Neither boater was best pleased. The boat behind us justifiably so but the chap who was roused from his slumbers was none too happy either.