Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shirley's Dream disturbs ours

Woken at 0730 by Shirley's Dream. Totally determined to get onto the mooring behind us, despite really strong winds and and half a mile of easy moorings ahead. They had about a dozen attempts, revving the engine like a boat possessed,  then turned before finally getting on. The photo is of them leaving about an hour later - and we hadn't even sent our secret weapon out (LJ).

With strong winds forecast for later we wanted to be off early - but not that early!

We had hoped to stop in St Ives but the moorings were full - and yes Shirley WAS on them. St Ives is one of only four towns in England to have a chapel on a bridge. I grew up in one (Rotherham) and QISMA has visited the other two (Bradford on Avon and Wakefield). A rare bit of history/culture from me!!!

The Captain was delighted to find the batteries at 95% power this morning. The solar panels are getting an hon mention and photo. 

We had hoped to stop at Hemingford Grey and the moorings were empty but QISMA was just at the wrong height and our paint was scraped in seconds. The GOBA moorings also had space put an entire heard of cows just where I would have had to leap off so we went on. We saw TACET coming out of Hemingford Lock - we know they were ahead of us so have been following and enjoying their blog. Just to chance to shout hello

Now on our own on island mooring. Not great for walking LJ but he doesn't seem to mind