Monday, 24 June 2013

Whose that on our chimney?

The worst of the wind had gone as we left the island this morning. Houghton lock was about 200 yards away and by the time I was off QISMA to work the lock a cruiser coming up behind was on the mooring!

The fire service were out training as we came into Huntingdon and we got a nice salute from them - even before they'd spotted the Blue Ensign.

We topped up with water and moved on to Godmanchester. After no walks over the weekend I was delighted with this afternoon's offering.

Miles and miles of wild flower meadow

And LJ in his usual position

Into Godmanchester to the fishing shop to replace the broken rod and these made us smile.

Alistair now in discussion with a couple of 12 year olds, who have been checking on his catch. They've caught something. He hasn't. I said to check what bait they were using. Maggots. That's a no then.