Friday, 7 June 2013

The Cathederal City of Peterborough

One feature of the Nene scenery has been the variety of Churches we've seen in the distance and in the villages we've passed through. Today we arrived I Peterborough. A Cathederal city. But very modern.

I went into the Cathedral at lunchtime. I love the atmosphere in a Cathedral and always take a chance to go in and have a bit of reflection. Today, my main task was to light a candle in memory of Mike as this is the first opportunity I've had.  To me, this is totally amazing. modern sculpture at it's best.

Just breathtaking. I could moan about pews being replaced by an assortment of wooden and fold up chairs. I know the argument is that it allows other 'events' to happen in that space. Call me old fashioned but I wonder how often that happens? It seems I am moaning.

Moving on.

Oh dear, another moan ahead! We had a group of  six young men on the grass near us this afternoon. Enjoying the sun and a beer - or 36. how do I know it was 36? Because I went across and picked up the empties and put them in the bin after they left!

Is the Nene chillex influence already deserting me? I don't think so. Not really. #justsaying