Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sorry about the rain ..... Result of solar panels?

Isn't it grand when a plan comes together? Not only was Tim, from NBSOLAR, with us on time, everything went really smoothly, to the point where Alistair had to make the bank transfer and then there was a glitch! Fortunately, as I use a telephone bank, I was able to step in. And no, he wasn't being devious, he's already transferred it back.  The roof is well and truly used now.

So we set off around lunchtime, intending not to go far. We went through Hermitage and what a lovely chap the lock keeper there is and some interesting stories. Particularly the one about Jonathon Wilson and a body. We ended up going through the next lock - all electric and then on, to what is for us, a dream GOBA moorings. Photo below. By the time,we got here the sun had vanished and we had rain. Sorry folks.

On our way down I saw THE most scarey thing. We think it must have been an eel but it was huge! It looked like an eight foot fat brown snake slithering at the edge of the water and then heading towards us!  I just couldn't get to the camera in time.  I was rooted to the spot in fear. I have never seen anything like it. Next time I hope to do better.

Our mooring tonight has a Bramble Cutting feel to it and tomorrow is a day off.