Wednesday, 26 June 2013

LJ's liking this

Little Josh  is  adaptable but without a doubt, okay at Great Barford, we've got his favourite style of mooring. Huge grass field, access to the river and no other boat. He's been outside for hours and just a bit of mischief,

Two boats left the pub mooring just after lunch and late afternoon STEALAWAY moored on the opposite bank. I love the name of this boat, reminds me of a Davey Arthur and The Furies song - a favourite of the Royal Irish many, many years ago and a favourite of mine ever since.

I'm writing the blog as displacement activity - Roger Federer in danger of crashing out of Wimbledon. There could be a huge advantage,for Andy Murray but nevertheless it would be a sad day. LJ hates the tension! 

To anyone interested in the solar panel situation, on a day where we've had fantastic sunshine, we're making more than we are using. A success I'd say. As has been our new gangplank. We've had some stunning moorings that before we bought it we'd not have got on. Today being one.