Sunday, 2 June 2013

A Sunday cruise - couldn't resist

Like so many others lucky, really lucky, enough to have all week to move, we usually don't do much on a Sunday. But, with the sun out, we knew the pub would be busy, busy, busy and so we decided to move on.

Taking a step back from this, the meal last night was superb as was the service. Even the entertainment was fantastic, though unscripted. Couples at the tables next to ours both set fire to their menus! We made out contribution- LJ was so excited when Jay arrived he tried to drag the  table, which he was attached to, across the room to her.

I've been told by Nene boaters three times today that the best is still to come. It begs the age old question 'how can that be'? 

We pressed on, probably a bit further than we had intended. The original plan was to stop at Oundle but one mooring was full and we just didn't want to go into the marina. Who would when this is the alternative?

£4 a night well spent! As forecast, the farmer timed his visit to the last mooring pin going in. We've paid for two nights but who knows?