Tuesday, 18 June 2013

And now for something a bit different

Tourists at play

View from QISMA

QISMA and others from lunch

Cathedral close up

Preparation for floral weekend

Mixed day weather wise but LJ had us up early this morning and we got the best of the day outside. Lunch was at The Boathouse, complete with view of QISMA. It had really good reviews but we've both got upset tummies - oh dear. Sighs of relief all round because I'm not saying any more.

It costs £6.50 to wander round the Cathedral but I was allowed in for a quick look gratis, though I did make a contribution, because they were prepping for the floral weekend. It is going to look stunning, the bottom photo shows the mirrored river.  Flower Guild Ladies everywhere. 

I was about to say that we had only seen two cruisers all day but, at 1730, two narrowboats arrived. 

Put to shame, as always, by reading the Derwent 6 blog. It HAS to be the cleanest boat in existence. Made us realise how badly our fire needed attention and the Chandlery in Ely is particularly good so ..... Job done! 

Also realised as I was putting LJ's Father's Day card away that it says 'Oddles of Doodles' on the back. Neither of us has noticed in the three years that the card has been coming out. In fact, Alistair hasn't noticed that it's the same card. #frugalpensioner