Thursday, 6 June 2013

Trains and boats and planes .. but not in that order

Up early, for us, and off very quickly as a boat was coming up through the lock. LJ had the briefest of walks and was back onboard for the short cruise to Ferry Meadows.

Like others before us, we're saying nowt about Ferry Meadows, except that it's probably good to arrive before lunchtime as it is very very popular. Mooring is only for 24 hours.

We wanted to be here early to catch the 1135 Nene Valley Railway train into Peterborough. A 'proper' holiday outing for us. £28 for a rover ticket for us and LJ, so very appropriate. His share was £1.

This allowed us about two hours to have our first look at Peterborough. We've both had very short visits here before, tied to other things, so not really familiar with the city, The sun came out and we had a lovely Carluccio's lunch, sitting outside in a traffic free area. How continental.

Back to the station for the 1345 to Yarwood Junction, the end of the line. With the Nene and fields as scenery. We had to waitm15 minutes at Yarwood and were entertained by watching parachutists throwingmthemselves out of a small plane, with the landing zone well within view. Happy coincidence. I love steam trains and parachutists so all in all a bit of a triumph.

Back to Ferry Meadow and a bit of off lead walking for LJ who had excelled himself on the behaviour front on his first train journey.