Wednesday, 5 June 2013

NHS Mystery Shopper

Last year, as made our way down the Rivern Severn towards Worcester I had some problems with my left eye. It turned out to be a tear in my retina, resulting from 'an age thing,, where part of the eye detaches. In itself not a problem and once the eye had settled down, the tear was repaired by lasar in 10 minutes. The treatment all round was amazing.

As we came down the Nene, about 10 days ago, similar problem with my right eye. I knew enough not to be too worried but also knew I'd be best to get it checked out as I had some 'flashes' to go with the 'floaters'.  We are close enough at Alwalton to get into Peterborough so off I went.

I am pleased to saymthatmthe result of my Myster Shopping comparison is favourable. I had learnt to cut out the middle men. No messing with NHS Walk In Centre or the Opthalmic Optician. Straight to A&E reception where they sensibly arranged for me to bypass them and head straight to Opthamology. I left the village at 1300 and by 1610 was back and walking LJ. Two exams by a Dr and one by the Consultant. It could not have been better. And, although there is a small slit it is not in the retina and ere fire no treatment. All most acceptable. In fact the,only negative, as Twitter followers might know, is that I had the doubtful pleasure of watching one Dr sitting at his desk picking his nose! Truly! At the time I thought I was seeing him and thought I'll have to say something before he touches my face! Fortunately, the names on the doors hadn't been updated and I was destined to see someone else, who I hoped had better personal habits.

When I commented last year on the Marvelous service the consultant told me they gave it a priority as the alternative was a detached retina and major eye surgery. Glad it was the same here.

So, back at QISMA and,out with LJ. We spotted the Nene Valley Railway in action

We hope to be on it tomorrow.

Some lovely walks. I wonder how many people walk past this and think 'Grand Designs'

Of course, the existing tenants would have to be evicted!